Kuroko no Basuke Episode 11 Subtitle Indonesia

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Kuroko no Basuke Episode 11 Subtitle Indonesia

 That’s Not It “

Down only 6:9, Seirin appears to have the momentum on their side. Shutoku switches up the defense. Takato is sent to cover Kuroko. Takato unveils his hawks eye view which allows him to see through Kuroko’s misdirection. Meanwhile Midorima unveils his shot ability isn’t just behind the three-line, and it isn’t just at mid court. Midorima can make a shot from the opponents basket. Seirin is shocked and finds themselves down 13:19 at the end of one. Midorima gets permission to take every shot in the second quarter for Shutoku, and Seirin tries to come up with a way to stop him, but Takato stops Kuroko’s back steal attempt. Midorima goes on to make 5 straight and pushes Shutoku’s lead to 13:27, but after making his most recent shot Kagami begins to laugh. Some people think it’s from despair, but his teammates realize this just isn’t any laugh. Could Kagami be hiding some type of counter shot? 
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