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Confining the Jinchūriki Arc

All the Five Great Shinobi Countries have formed a ninja alliance with the Land of Iron and prepare for the Fourth Shinobi World War and the final battle against Akatsuki. While Naruto trains to control theNine-Tailed Demon Fox‘s power. It also describes the Nine-Tails’ Attack on Konoha and the beginning of the war. Sumber : 

243. Uhuy! Apakah ini pulau surga
As Naruto, Yamato and other Konoha and Kumo ninja arrive at the island, a giant squid (who Naruto thinks is the octopus the Great Toad Sage spoke of) appears and grabs Naruto until he is saved by B in his full eight-tailed transformation. Download Here   
244. Killer Bee dan Motoi

Motoi reveals something from his past: he once tried to kill B himself but failed. When Naruto and Yamato asks why, he begins to reveal about the Eight-Tails’ bloody history. Long ago, Eight-Tails had several hosts, and each failed to control it. Download Here

245. Tantangan Berikutnya!! Naruto vs Kyuubi!!

While taking its chakra, some of the Nine-Tails’ hatred is pulled in, causing Dark Naruto to reemerge. B notices the Nine-Tails’ hatred is larger than he expected and Yamato tries to tame Naruto from the outside. The Nine-Tails tells to Naruto to disappear when suddenly Kushina appears and tells him he belongs “here”, with her hand on her chest. Download Here

246. Kobaran Jingga

Before Naruto begins asking his mother about her, Kushina chains up the Nine-Tails where it notices it’s Kushina’s chakra. Naruto asks Kushina how she and Minato fell in love which embarrasses her though she tells him any way. Download Here

247. Target Kyuubi

Hearing his mother saying she loves him, Naruto releases himself from the Nine-Tails’ hatred and resumes his battle, with Kushina holding the Nine-Tails with her chakra chains. Naruto attacks the Nine-Tails with his Ultra-Many Spiralling Serial Spheres and Sage Art: Many Ultra-Big Ball Spiralling Serial Spheres and slams it with one more Rasenshuriken where successfully pulls out the Nine-Tails’ chakra. Download Here

248 – 249. Pertarungan Mati-Matian Hokage Keempat
After the Nine-Tails defeat, Kushina says to Naruto she can see Minato again. Before going, she decides to tell Naruto the truth about the Nine-Tails incident 16 years ago and she reveals she was the Nine-Tails’ former jinchūriki. Download Here

250. Hewan Aneh VS Monster Aneh!
Naruto’s new form gives him the ability to sense an evil presence around him which blows Kisame‘s cover. Kisame continues to escape and Guy uses the Eight Gates and opens the Sixth Gate to pursue Kisame. B does a partial transformation with his arm to launch Guy towards Kisame’s direction though becomes tired afterwards. Download Here

251. Seorang Pria Bernama Kisame
In a flashback of Kisame’s, Kisame is sent on a mission where he must protect the Intelligence Squad but must importantly protect Kirigakure‘s secret code from Konoha ninja. Download Here

252. Sang Malaikat Maut
Elsewhere in Amegakure, Tobi confronts Konan, looking for Nagato’s body to obtain his Rinnegan. Konan states she has been waiting for a chance to kill him and Tobi says he won’t go easy on a former Akatsuki member.

253. Jembatan Perdamaian
Amegakure’s endless rain stops and produces a rainbow which shocks Tobi to see the endless rains of the village stop and spurs Konan on who believes it to be a sign of Nagato and Yahiko’s will.

254. Misi Super Rahasia Level S
On the island, Naruto lines up all the animals in a cave for his “ecology survey” mission, still unaware of the war. The Ōnoki that Deidara blew up was actually a rock clone made by Akatsuchi.

255. Kembalinya Sang Seniman
Deidara is still alive with Ōnoki being ashamed that Deidara is causing trouble even in death and that he lost to Sasuke. Deidara responds to this saying he killed Sasuke, unaware that he survived his suicide explosion.

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